Taste Tested: Wild Mushrooms On Toast

Wild mushrooms are packed full of flavour, especially when they’re dried. Re-hydrating mushrooms is as easy as covering them in warm water or stock — making this dish long after foraging season is done. We get our locally foraged mushrooms from Forbes Wild Foods at The Evergreen Brick Works Farmers Market.


Dried mushrooms are typically much stronger in flavour than fresh mushrooms, which makes them more affordable. To use dried mushrooms, reconstitute by soaking them from 5 to 20 minutes in cool to warm water, or a wine/water mix, or stock. Don�t add them directly to hot dishes as the heat may make them tough. When they are soft, drain and use. If you wish to use the flavourful liquid as well, first pour it through a fine strainer or coffee filter. Once reconstituted, the mushrooms can be used as if fresh.

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