Taste Tested: Langdon Hall’s Terroir Salad

When we close our eyes and think of Langdon Hall, we picture the beautiful, refreshing Canola Sorbet strewn with foraged flowers and herbs from their kitchen garden on last year’s menu. The dish embodies Langdon Hall’s local food philosophy and is a shining example of why Chef Jason Bangerter is a leader in Ontario food scene.


The dish was different every night of the summer, should it happen to pop up — and that’s part of it’s charm. It was a culmination of what the kitchen team finds in the woods, along the hedges and in the garden on Langdon Hall’s sprawling grounds. Every morning Chef Bangerter takes a stroll to look for edible wild things, some days he finds mint and nasturtiums, other days it’s wild ginger or dill flowers. What he finds dictates his plating and sometimes what he serves that night. Eating at Langdon Hall is always an adventure — a beautifully choreographed, stunningly presented, exercise in decadence.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not! Lucky for you, now you can make this masterpiece at home as we’ve snagged the recipe!

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