Taste Tested: Queen Anne’s Lace Jelly

I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly.

Not only is it beautiful and oh so fun to forage for, but the delicate floral and tart flavours in this jelly marry perfectly. Dare I say, it’s fit for a queen? We originally stumbled upon this concept through Grey County’s own queen of all things delicious: Philly Markowitz. She took a humble Ontario weed to wonderful in just a few simple steps… and now you can too!


Daucus carota. Wild carrot. Bird’s Nest. Bishop’s Lace… Queen Anne’s Lace. Whatever you call this dainty ad prolific herb, it’s distinctive carrot aroma doesn’t necessary scream “make me into a jelly!” However, when mixed with a hint of lemon, it turns a beautiful blush and exudes its floral undertones.

Right now, Grey County is carpeted with these white flowers. They have a flat-topped white umbel, sometimes with a solitary purple flower in the center. These flowers bloom from late spring until mid-fall. Each flower cluster is made up of numerous tiny white flowers. The flower cluster start out curled up and opens to allow pollination. The cluster then rolls itself shut again, like a reverse umbrella when it goes to seed at the end of the season.


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