Taste Tested: Leek and Pea Shoot Pesto

Spring means green and this week, Chloe�s buzzing about a mean green pesto that�ll have your tastebuds celebrating the first sprouts of spring!

TasteTestednew “I love making pesto – it�s one of the most versatile and delicious things you can whip up in no time at all. Traditional pesto is made by blending basil, pine nuts, parmesan, and garlic together with olive oil, but this is just a creative jumping off point. You can substitute literally any one of these things in the kitchen. Instead of basil, why not try kale, arugula, mint, or in this case, earthy fresh pea shoots? Any nut or cheese can be swapped, from walnuts to blue cheese, but I used spring leeks to add an extra bite. So get experimenting, folks!”


Recipe: Leek and Pea Shoot Pesto

Delicious on pasta, salad, fish, and literally anything else, this pesto is a mainstay in my kitchen!


  • A? cup walnuts
  • A? cup grated parmesan cheese
  • 2 cups Ontario pea shoots
  • 1 Ontario leek
  • 1 Ontario garlic clove
  • 1 lemon, juiced
  • A? cup cold pressed canola oil
  • Sea salt and pepper (to taste)


  1. Toast walnuts over medium-high heat in a non-stick pan until fragrant and toasty.
  2. In a food processor, blend together toasted walnuts, parmesan cheese, pea shoots, leek, garlic, and lemon juice until it forms thick paste.
  3. Slowly pour olive oil into processor as it�s running until you get a smooth, spreadable pesto. Season with salt and pepper and enjoy!

Preparation time: 5 minute(s)

Cooking time: 5 minute(s)

Number of servings (yield): 12

About Taste Tested

From the farm to the table, it�s easy to be inspired by Ontario�s endless parade of edibles. WithA�?Taste Tested?, OCTA�s staff are sharing their freshest finds and dishing outA�their favourites of the season. A�Come discover what�s on our table � literally!

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