Taste Tested: Chef Albert Ponzo’s Kasekrainer

I know what you’re thinking — what the heck is kasekrainer? Before you move onto whatever you were originally planning on grilling this weekend, hear me out. Kasekrainer are Austrian pork & cheese sausages. All together now, PORK & CHEESE SAUSAGES! Amazing, right?


This recipe comes to us from the endlessly talented — and Feast ON Certified — Chef Albert Ponzo of Le Select Bistro in Toronto. It’s a riff on a recipe he learned from his friends Christoph and Isabell Wiesner, of the Austrian Mangalitsa* Breeders’ Association.

There’s something really rewarding about making something from scratch that most people would just buy pre-made. Besides, making your own sausages is a fun, albeit messy, experience. This recipe travels really well once smoked, meaning you can have a delicious, locally sourced, chef caliber meal wherever you may trek to! Middle of the woods? Top of a cliff? No problem! Ponzo’s delicious Kasekrainer to the rescue!


Yields 2
Käsekrainer can be boiled, baked or grilled -- and for the true Eastern European street food experience, topped with curry sauce. A good mustard will do too, for the curry averse.
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Prep Time
60 hr
Cook Time
60 hr
Total Time
120 hr
Prep Time
60 hr
Cook Time
60 hr
Total Time
120 hr
  1. 2 kg ground Ontario pork, lean
  2. 50 g salt
  3. 875g ground Ontario pork back fat
  4. 3g black pepper
  5. 4g caraway seeds
  6. 4g mustard seeds
  7. 4g Ontario garlic
  8. 6g sugar
  9. 1/4L cold water
  10. 575g Ontario cheddar -- we like St. Albert's!
  11. 1 packet hog casing soaked in water
  1. In a mortar and pestle, grind black pepper, caraway seeds, mustard seeds.
  2. Mince garlic cloves.
  3. Ensure the meats are very cold when mixing them. Mix together, by hand, lean pork, fat and all seasonings and spices until thoroughly incorporated. Add water and continue to mix until absorbed and texture is tacky. Add cheese and mix until evenly distributed.
  4. Stuff cold sausage mix firmly into hog casings. Twist and pinch the sausages in 5” lengths to create links. Refrigerate until ready to smoke.
  5. Set smoker to 145F. Soak apple wood chips in water.
  6. Drain woodchips and place in smoking tray or compartment. Add kasekrainer sausage to smoker and smoke for 1 hour or until internal temperature reaches 145F. Chill sausages.
  7. When ready to serve grill over hot camp fire grill, until heated through.
Adapted from Le Select Bistro
Adapted from Le Select Bistro
Culinary Tourism Alliance https://ontarioculinary.com/

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*Okay, now we’ve done it. First Kasekreiner, now Mangalitsa? If it sounds like a foreign language, that’s cause it is! Mangalitsa is the Austrian word for a heritage breed of hairy pig. Though not officially recognized until 1927, it’s been bred since the early 1800’s and was even honored by the great composer Johann Strauss II in 1885 his Operetta The Gypsy Baron.

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