Taste Tested: White Owl Bistro’s Crab Apple & Birch BBQ Sauce

Birch Syrup is such a special thing. This savory mineral tasting syrup is, you guessed it, made from the sap of birch trees, and produced in much the same way as maple syrup. Unlike maple though, it’s not as sweet. Birch syrup has a distinctive mineral-rich, caramel-like taste kind of like molasses or soy, with a just a tiny hint of spiciness.


?Birch syrup is a completely different product compared to maple syrup,? says Dave Challen of the Boreal Birch Syrup Company. ?It is rich in flavour, with a bold, dark caramel taste. It is used mostly in cooking and baking as a glaze or marinade, and is excellent on fish and pork. Birch syrup presents a new and exciting taste to experiment with.?

Given this unique ingredients close tie to Northern Ontario, we thought we’d go to one of our favorite northern eateries for a recipe so you can try is at home! Laura & Rene of FEAST ON certified The White Owl Bistro use birch syrup to make a deep, rich barbeque sauce for their pork dishes. One look at this recipe and we were sold!

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