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Taste Tested : Canning Summer Peaches

Ontario peach season is here! Want to capture their summer flavour to enjoy year round? Read on!


“Carefully-removing the skins (by blanching) will leave you with peach wedges that make for great pie or crumble filling later. You can also just eat these peach slices right out of the jar (as I do) or on your next bowl of ice-cream (highly recommended). These peaches can be preserved in a light sugar syrup, and processed in boiling water. I burned through ten litres of these babies last winter, and can’t wait to do a larger batch this year. Pro tip : Halve them before you blanch them. Slice them all the way around, and then just twist them apart easily. “- Anna Fischer, Feast ON Communications Coordinator



[yumprint-recipe id=’61’]If removing the skins carefully seems time-consuming, you’re probably a great candidate for jam. Making jam still involves removing the skin (you just don’t have to be as delicate about it) the pit, and cooking down / mashing what’s left until it’s a consistency you like. Add sugar, and some pectin (if needed) and process. For great jam recipes, we recommend you check out this list of Ontario preserving/canning blogs.