Taste Real wants you to Eat Up Your February!

Taste Real has just launched their Eat Up Your February awareness campaign in an effort to showcase local food options and support farms and food retailers in the winter months.

So what does that mean?

Until February 18, Guelph-Wellington farms and retail locations involved in the Eat Up Your February campaign will be offering a variety of local food specials and experiences, including; dining specials, sales, special events, workshops, local food menus, samples, and tours of local breweries and distilleries.

Another special perk for those looking to extend your local sourcing habits beyond the month of February includes special deals on local CSAs. Many farms will also offer special incentives for anyone interested in signing up to their spring and summer farm share programme.

The program is the brain child of Christina Mann and her team at Taste-Real, Guelph-Wellington. Christina has long been a champion of the unique, diverse and delicious things available year ’round in Wellington County. 

?When we think of local food, we typically think of farmers´┐Ż markets, freshly grown vegetables and fruit available during the growing season?, says Christina Mann, Taste Real Coordinator. ?Fact is, there is still plenty of local food available during the colder months. Wellington County farms and businesses still offer a huge variety of products, including meat, dairy, eggs, prepared foods and much more.?

The campaign is sure to engage people around food, but also inspire pride of place among its locals; something visitors are sure to take notice of!

We encourage you to explore the line-up of participating businesses on the Taste Real website, where you can find information on Eat Up Your February promotional codes, special offers, discounts and samples.

We’re particularly excited about the Minga Skill Building Hub‘s Ontario Pork butchery class at the Wellington County Museum and the special Valentine’s Day food tour run by Taste Detours.

?It is especially important to support our local farms and food businesses in this traditionally quiet time of year,? says Mann. ?Sales can be slow and expenses high as farms are investing into seeds and equipment for the upcoming growing season.?

For more information on the Eat Up Your February campaign, please visit tastereal.ca or search for the #tastereal hashtag on Facebook or Twitter.





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