Taste For Travel: Take The Quiz!

Which travel destination pairs with your culinary personality? 

Is it Seattle or San Fran? Maybe you’ve got a taste for the European and would prefer San Sebastian, Stockholm or Lyon — or are you happy to stay on your home turf and want to explore Vancouver or Toronto?  Well — whatever your pleasure, Travelocity.ca is offering you the chance to experience (and eat!) your way across one of their top ten food destinations.  All you have to do is complete this quiz. Enter the contest at the end of the quiz to win a trip. Bonus? They’re also giving you $500 spending money for food! We took the quiz, and — surprise, surprise — us lovers-of-all-things-local got Toronto (or Seattle, but we’ll keep that to ourselves, shall we?) Strawberry-Hand-Pies-2-1024x682 Travelocity sees something special in our little town filled with year-round farmer’s markets, fabulous bakeries and innovative menus. We couldn’t agree with them more!

Did you take the quiz? What did you get?

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