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Taste Detours in Guelph just got it’s own show

Taste Detours is proud to announce the release of its television show, Taste Detours: Guelph — a six-episode series that focusses on food in Guelph.

Created with Bell Fibe TV1 in 2018, each episode offers interviews with owners, chefs and food champions, taking the viewer behind the scenes for a taste of some of Guelph’s diverse eateries.

All episodes of Taste Detours: Guelph are currently playing on Fibe TV1 for their 2.8 million subscribers reaching from Manitoba to the Atlantic Provinces. They will be released one at a time on Taste Detours’ website, where the trailer for the series and Episode One, featuring Crafty Ramen and Bin 23 Restaurant, can be found today.

Host and producer Lynn Broughton was honoured to be approached by Fibe TV last year to pitch the series. She realized that creating this show was an undeniable opportunity to further promote eating in Guelph beyond her ongoing food tours.

These tours have ushered over 1300 people through downtown Guelph in the past three years highlighting its food, history and surrounding businesses, “and now there is a TV crew of 5 that are seriously considering moving here — just to eat. We couldn’t ask for a nicer group of people to join our culturally rich and tasty city.”

“Telling our stories through food and drink — connecting with our regional flavours, the faces behind those flavours, even slowing down and connecting people with each other — is the very essence of Taste Detours. I feel like this additional platform enables us to broadcast our strengths to a much larger audience, which bodes well for the whole city” says Broughton.

For more ways to eat and drink locally in Guelph and Wellington County, check out our friends at Taste Real, Guelph Wellington.