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Eggs Benny with Maple Smoked Bacon at the Whippoorwill, Toronto. Photo credit : Kiki

Spring really is on its way (we promise) and that means running sap and fresh maple syrup. We know you love maple syrup on your pancakes (or slathered recklessly over basically any breakfast food), but we�re going to encourage you to think outside the box on this one. What about on your salad? How about on your burger? In a cocktail? Here are some ideas from our Feast ON chefs to get you started:

Relish it.
Eddington�s of Exeter tops their signature burger with bacon maple relish. That�s right. Bacon. Maple. Relish. Their burgers are fire-grilled, house-made, and also come with lettuce, red onion and tomato on a fresh brioche bun.

Dress your salad with it.
Hit up The Combine in Simcoe for their Farmhouse Salad, featuring VG Country Ham (Ontario), Avonlea Cheddar (PEI), Honeycrisp apple, toasted walnuts, and a hardboiled egg, all tossed in a maple balsamic vinaigrette.

Smoke it.
If you find yourself in Toronto and hungry for brunch, check out The Whippoorwill. The smoked maple bacon is an essential part of their brunch menu. Pair it with poached eggs, buttermilk pancakes, or a pint of Beau�s Lugtread Ale (Ontario).

Cure with it.
Kingston’s Chez Piggy has a Coast to Coast Canuck Plate, which includes (among many other delicious things) maple cured salmon with maple mustard.

Drink it in.
Nick and Nat�s Uptown 21 in Waterloo puts a Canadian twist on a classic cocktail. Their Maple Old Fashioned is a combination of rye whisky, Martin�s Apple Cider (Waterloo), fresh lemon and house maple bitters.

Can�t get enough? We�ve pulled some maple recipes from our Taste Tested column that you can try at home. Remember, it takes approximately 40 litres of maple sap to make 1 litre of maple syrup, so don’t waste a single drop!

Maple Roasted Kuri Squash Salad
Maple Bacon Cheeseburgers
Homemade Maple Mustard
Maple Peach Crumble Pie

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