Tap Into Maple Madness In Stratford

That’s right folks, we’re going mad for maple all over this big, BIG province of ours this month as the true sign of spring has arrived!

Up next on our list of must see maple adventures: the 2014 Stratford Maple Trail. Once again, this sticky sweet addition to Stratford�s popular culinary experiences promises to tap into that signature Ontario flavour: Maple!

If trekking through a sugarbush isn’t your cup of tea, this the maple experience for you! Stratford offers up a number of diverse tastes on a ten stop, self-guided trail throughout the downtown heritage district. Culinary artisans and chefs invite you to sample their delicious maple creations like hearty maple smoked bacon sandwich slicked with house-made grainy maple mustard, aged maple balsamic vinegar, home-made maple brittle or creamy fudge, or warm up with a satisfying Maple Chai latte. A�Of course, they also have local maple syrup direct from the sugar shack.

?We can�t wait to taste the first maple syrup of the season drizzled over ice cream, dripping from a stack of pancakes or straight up by the spoonful. It�s our first local crop signaling spring and the Maple Trail invites us to taste maple syrup in both sweet and savoury dishes. Although launched during maple season, the trail is available all year round.? says Cathy Rehberg, Marketing Manager for Stratford Tourism Alliance.

Participating stops include:

  1. A� A� A� A� Canadian Grub to Go,A�85 Downie St.
  2. A� A� A� A� Distinctly Tea, 18 York St.
  3. A� A� A� A� Gentle Rain, 30 Rebecca St.
  4. A� A� A� A� JENN and Larry�s Brittle�n Shakes and Ice Cream Cakes, 49 York St.
  5. A� A� A� A� Let Them Eat Cake Restaurant and Dessert CafA�, 23 Albert St.
  6. A� A� A� A� McCully�s Hill Farm, 4074 Perth Line 9
  7. A� A� A� A� Olive Your Favourites, 21 York St.
  8. A� A� A� A� Rheo Thompson Candies, 55 Albert St.
  9. A� A� A� A� Slave to the Grind, 46 Ontario St.
  10. A� A� A� A� Treasures, 151 Ontario St.

Choose six of ten stops to sample a maple treat and learn more from Stratford�s culinary stars. A�Download the Savour Stratford Maple Trail pdf brochureA�here.

Purchase trails at Stratford Tourism, 47 Downie Street, Stratford for $25.00 (+ HST). A�Gift vouchers are also available for purchase online or in person.

Full details about the Maple Trail are available atA�Visitstratford.ca/mapletrailA�A�or by calling the Stratford Tourism Alliance atA�1-800-561-7926.

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