Tacos. Tacos. Tacos. Tacos. Tacos. Tacos!

Is there anything in life that can’t be solved by tacos? We think not.

We asked our favorite #FeastOn Certified, local-food-obsessed taco slingers what their dreamiest taco looks like. Here’s what they had to say.


The tacos at #FeastOn Certified Casero’s Kitchen Table in Owen Sound are some of our favorites! Pictured here are the fried lakefish with pickled onions and avo crema, the smoked Ontario beet with queso, the fried cauliflower with salsa verde and a triple order of pulled pork, naturally.

Michael Sacco
Chocosol Tortilla Project, Toronto
“Zucchini flowers, oaxacan cheese, epazote, and fresh from masa tortilla… add to that salsa roja or salsa verde!”

Shea Robinson
Miijidaa, Guelph
“I always have trouble picking favourites as they change so often for me. The one that stands out in recent memory for me is the lamb barbacoa taco at Proof kitchen. Lamb kofta, green mole, charred jalapenos, on a white corn tortilla.”

Ricky Casipe
Hawthorne Food & Drink, Toronto
“Mine would be the chicken skin tacos from my menu, haha! Kind of a play on a Korean/asian taco. Keep it local using Edamame to make a guacamole with garlic and cilantro. Chicken skin as the shell, smoked chicken and a spicy kimchi salsa using local nappa cabbage and carrots.”

Josh Fraser
Rino�s Kitchen, Windsor
“My favourite taco? Hmmm, I’d say I’m partial to a pulled pork (not smothered in BBQ) taco with cilantro, lime and a nice pineapple salsa. Might be pretty basic but hey, I also love me a spicy bean burrito with rice, cheese and sour cream.”

Cassandra Rizzoto
Earth and City, Toronto
“Fun! Simple: refried black beans, fresh diced salsa, quick pickled red onions, tons of freshly chopped cilantro, sprinkle of lime”

Nick Benninger
Taco Farm, Kitchener
“My favorite taco is really just the freshest one I can get! When that tortilla is hot off the press nothing quite beats it. All it takes sometimes is a little salt and lime juice to make it sing….sometimes that salt comes in the form of perfectly crispy carnitas too!”

What about you? What’s your favorite Taco? Let us know!


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