Sunday Night Roast Beast is Raising the Steaks

There are few things we enjoy as much as good food and good people, which is exactly what we found at Bespoke Butchers a few weeks ago when we attended our first Pass the Table event. Needless to say by the end of the night we were full and happy. 


If you haven’t heard of Pass the Table yet you should definitely start keeping an eye on them. The interactive web store and the mobile app allow users to find unique dining experiences that are created especially by Pass the Table and their partners and so can’t be accessed anywhere else. These experiences fall in to two categories: 

  • Restaurant experiences offer limited seating dining events where the restaurant creates a special prix fixe menu
  • Special venue experiences take place in unique spaces such a breweries, farms, butcher shops or even the chef’s home

The event we attended fell into the latter category as it was hosted in the unique and very beautiful venue of Bespoke Butchers. Immediately upon entering the shop we knew we were in the right spot. In the middle of the was a set table with candles lit, a red cabbage slaw and caprese salad with buffalo mozzarella. The music was on, the table was set and we could feel our stomachs starting to grumble.

2015-08-23 07.03.18 1

The serving was done family style and so it really felt as comfortable as sitting in a friends house. Not only was the meal incredible (we’re obsessed with creamed corn now) but everyone from Bespoke was more than happy to answer questions about the shop and their products. Getting the opportunity to spend time with the people who bring in your food, while you’re eating their food, is incredibly rare and something we think everyone should try at least once. 

2015-08-23 07.37.48 1

If you’re interested in trying something like this check out Pass the Table. We also suggest you go by Bespoke Butchers and see what they have going on! 


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