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Strawberries are for picking, our favourite spots for 2017

Strawberry picking is one of our most cherished summer traditions. We remember when we were a kids, we ate more of these sweet treats than we actually put in our baskets! Time hasn’t changed much..

Ontario grows plenty of strawberries. So many, in fact, it can be difficult to decide where to go! Luckily, we have made the ultimate strawberry picking list just for you!


  1. Aidie Creek Gardens, Englehart 
    From day 1, Aidie Creek Gardens sold their berries on a ?pick-your-own� basis. They also sell their plants if you want to create your very own strawberry field in your garden. #goals
  2. Barrie Hill Farms, Springwater
    Barrie Hill Farms started out as a tobacco farm but has made the switch to strawberries. Lucky for us!
  3. Fruition Berry Farm, Kingston
    This family-run farm will welcome you with a warming smile and baskets. By only selling their strawberries on the farm and on local markets, the distribution is strictly local. On the weekends, there are hot dogs on site to satisfy your hungry tummies after all the hard work.
  4. Millar Berry Farms, London
    Millar Berry Farms were real pioneers in the u-pick movement. They used to sell their berries door-to-door! Locals loved it, so they started a u-pick operation. Have a chat with the family, these folks are as sweet as their strawberries!
  5. Taylor Strawberry Farm, Windermere
    Strawberries are Taylor�s specialty. We recommend to stock up a few batches in your freezer so you can enjoy them once the season is done! Pass by their stand at the Gravenhurst market if you don�t have time for picking.
  6. Whittamore�s Farm, Markham
    Whittamore�s is your family farm in the city. Get a ride on the wagon and feed the farm animals together. Try their homemade pies or butter tarts while you�re there. Sadly, they will close their doors permanently in November, so go there this summer while you still can. Hurry, hurry!
  7. Jane & Paul�s Farm, Norfolk
    This family run farm is the good kind of old school. They don�t have their own website so you�ll have to call them ask about the picking conditions. If you�re not into the picking thing, you can also just buy their strawberries at their small indoor farm stand.
  8. Organics Family Farm, Markham
    Like their name suggests, Organics family farm is organic all the way. Treat yourself after the picking with one of Grandpa Don�s amazing (organic) butter tarts. We suggest you take home one of their wood-fired artisan sour dough breads too. Or maybe take three.

Looking for ideas to use your freshly picked strawberries? Try our savoury strawberry shortcake recipe!