Spring Thaw: Celebrating the new growing season

For Ontarians, winter’s grey sleet and greyer skies can feel interminable, but the hardships make us all the more grateful when spring finally nudges forth. After months of subsisting on squash, beets, and celeriac, we greet the new spring produce as we should: with reverence.

To celebrate the new season’s gems, The Canadian Chefs’ Congress created the Spring Thaw dinner. The CCC is aA�biennial gathering of chefs from across the country that reinforces the passion and integrity of the Canadian food culture; itA�connects chefs to the land, in solidarity with farmers, fishers, gardeners, foragers, and all artisanal food producers.

This year, Spring Thaw will take place on Monday, March 31st at the Palais Royale in Toronto. The dinner will provide guests with the opportunity to dine on the spring creations of almost two dozen amazing Canadian chefs, with the menu featuring some of the best organic and non-GMO produce Ontario has to offer.

Participating chefs and restaurants include: RenA�e Bellefeuille (Frank Restaurant), Paul Boehmer (BA�hmer), Geoff Hopgood (Hopgood’s Foodliner), Jamie Kennedy (Jamie Kennedy Kitchens), Anthony Rose (Rose & Sons, Big Crow), Anthony Walsh (Canoe), and many, many, many more!

For more information on Spring Thaw, or to purchase tickets for the event, be sure to check out our event listing!

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