Savour Stratford Offers Up Unique Ontario Cask Ales

Savour Stratford Perth County celebrates Ontario’s artisan craft brewers in a unique tasting of cask ales at the Taste of Ontario – Artisan AlleyA�on SaturdayA�afternoon,A�September 21, at the Savour Stratford Perth County Culinary Festival.

In keeping to its commitment of featuring the best of Ontario’s local foods, this year’s Festival will extend the culinary tasting to a selection of limited-run, cask ales – the freshest beer one can taste. Using traditional ingredients – malted barley, water, hops and yeast – cask ales are unfiltered, unpasteurized and naturally carbonated. The results are a variety of ales with their own distinctive aroma, flavour and character.

Aaron Brown, Programme Director for the Artisan Alley, says “We are very pleased to offer some exclusive beers for tasting at the Savour Stratford Festival and welcome visitors to sample dozens of select Ontario beers, each offering their unique character”. He goes on to say “Even more exciting is that many of the cask ales will be infused with local herbs native to Ontario, including thyme and lemon balm.”

Some of the craft breweries offering cask ales will include Flying Monkeys, Niagara Oast House Brewers, Beau’s All Natural Brewing Company, and Forked River.

In addition, the festival features booths from 19 Ontario craft breweries and Ontario wineries and in conjunction with Dairy Farmers of Ontario, Ontario artisan cheese makers and Dillon’s Small Batch Distillers. Artisan Alley will present a complete range of the best of Ontario’s artisan food craftsmanship for a very rich Taste of Ontario experience.

Where: A�Savour Stratford Perth County Culinary Festival, presented by GE CafeA? Appliances, Stratford Ontario

When: A�A�Saturday, September 21st | 11:00 am – 5:00 pm
Admission: A� A� A�Free, Cost of Tickets: $1.00

For more information about the Festival go toA�www.savourstratford.comA�or follow on Facebook or on Twitter @SavourStratford #SavourStratford.

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