Savour Stratford Lands Earlier in 2014

In 2014,A� the early bird gets the worm in the south-west as the Savour Stratford Perth County Culinary Festival has just announced a mini re-vamp to the expected timing of their celebrated gathering.

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The award-winning 7th Annual Festival will crop up a few months earlier on your calendarA� in 2014. We normally look forward to September to experience all of the local offerings from the talented chefs and passionate producers that come together in Perth County during the festival, but next year OCTA will get ready just a tad earlier to help celebrate the best of the area! Mark down mid-July (the weekend of July 18th – 20th) in your minds now for your culinary date with Stratford.

The Savour Stratford Perth County Culinary Festival has grown to become one of Ontario’s largest food festivals, and is sure to garner even more summer travelers (and families especially) fresh onto summer vacation.With up to 30,000 attendees, the festival caters to craft beer samplers, to those looking for an in-depth discussion of a specific ingredients, to those wanting to try it all!

Eugene Zakreski, Executive Director of the Stratford Tourisn Alliance said:

“Stratford’s Culinary Festival continues to grow in attendance and profile year after year, and we are excited to share the region’s summer palate of flavours with 2014 Festival guests.”

The festival’s move to July will also expand the amount of fresh local produce available during the summer harvest season for the eager culinary explorer! The Savour Stratford Festival brings together national authors, local chefs, artisans, and consumers excited about supporting the local economy and a love of food. With over 30 speaking engagements, demonstrations, and sampling venues, the town of Stratford is taken over by the festival and proudly supported by the presenting sponsors GE CafA� Appliances, Celebrate Ontario, Toronto Star, Chatelaine, Scotiabank, Mill Street Brewery and Chateau des Charmes, among others.

Stay tuned to OCTA ‘s blog in 2014 for more announcements about the Savour Stratford programme, guest speakers, and theme! For more information, check out or follow them on Twitter @SavourStratford.


About the Savour
Stratford Culinary Festival

As one of Ontario’s largest and most celebrated culinary festivals, the Savour Stratford festival brings together high-quality local products, chefs, and culinary experiences to share with foodies, families, and culinary tourists to Stratford. Mark your calendars for July 2014!

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