Ryerson University Chooses Local with New Maple “Water”

Kiki Maple Sweet Water Launched at Ryerson University: Students get access to local Ontario product.

Just last week, KiKi Maple Sweet Water, a cool new drink made from Ontario maple sap produced by Troll Bridge Creek (TBCI) was launched at Ryerson University amongst other local products. A�Students were offered this all-natural beverage as a healthy alternative to the sodas currently available on campus.

The drink is made with 100% pure Canadian maple sap, which is loaded with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. A�It’sA�a source of over 8-+ micronutrients including electrolytes potassium (2-3%DV) and magnesium, plus calcium (2%DV), iron (2%DV), zinc, choline, selenium, riboflavin (B2), pantothenic acid (B5) and a very high content of manganese–but more importantly, it’s delicious.

?The all natural product we are supplying will definitely be a plus for those health conscious students and staff at Ryerson?, stated Keith Harris, CEO of Troll Bridge Creek Inc. A�?Our flavoured beverages, strawberry maple, blueberry maple and cranberry maple, along with our original Maple has been a hit with the students. A�They are really very interested in healthy choices?.

Ryerson University is the first college or university in Ontario to carry KiKi Maple Sweet Water–and that’s no surprise considering they just brought on one of our favorite local-loving ladies: ChefA�Joshna Maharaj. A�Joshna has stepped up to the plate as Executive Chef at Ryerson University.

Joshna has said that they are very excited to provide their staff and students with healthy, nourishing and locally sourced products that positively impact the community.

Not a Ryerson student? A�You can find KiKi Maple Sweet Water at these shops across Ontario: A�Nature’s Emporium in Newmarket;A�Fiddleheads inA�Cambridge;A�Fiddleheads inA�Waterloo;A�Fiddleheads inA�Kitchener (Highland Rd.A�& Bruce St.);A�Harmony Whole Foods inA�Orangeville;A�Bamboo Natural Food Market inA�St. Catherines;A�Bella Roma inA�Guelph;A�Fountain Head Health Store;A�SantA� inA�Elora; andA�Cloverleaf Farms Foods & Deli inA�New Hamstead

About Troll Bridge Creek Inc.

Troll Bridge Creek Inc. is a privately held company incorporated in the province of Ontario. A�It is actively engaged in the development, production, marketing and sale of its exclusive KiKi Maple Sweet WaterA� line of products. A�These products are designed to provide a healthy addition to the beverage market and to increase the economic opportunities for Maple sap producers in Ontario.

For more information on KiKi Maple Sweet Water products, contact Keith Harris, CEO, Troll Bridge Creek Inc: A�519-848-2231A�or by emailA�kikimaplesweet@gmail.com.

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