Rolling into hearts and stomachs in Kitchener

Thousands of hungry food truck fanatics flooded the streets of downtown Kitchener on Sunday for the city�s first ever Food Truck Mini-Festival!


From Philly cheesesteaks to steak and ale pies and from gourmet grilled-cheeses to Korean quesadillas, this festival had something for everybody. Here�s a look at the trucks that rolled out the goods:

Luchador Streatery


You can�t miss this Waterloo based fiesta on wheels. As the name would suggest, this feisty truck draws some of its inspiration from Mexico, but like any fusion food truck, it doesn�t stop there.A� From Lil� Filipino Toftas and Mexican spring rolls, to Korean quesadillas and Momofuko style steam bun tacos, these masked crusaders will throw your taste buds into the ring for a kick in the cojones that you won�t regret. Follow them on TwitterA�@kwLUCHADOR!

SWAT Food Truck


When this tactical unit rolls into the neighborhood, somebody�s sure to get busted�with sauce on their shirt! The Sandwiches With A Twist (SWAT) team is bent on serving up meaty justice with taste-splosions that will leave you stunned and possibly face down with your hands behind your head. Their well-trained Philly cheesesteak takes the point, but the Canadian Maple smoked back bacon on a brioche and pulled wiener are close on its heels. Check them out on FacebookA�or follow them on TwitterA�@SWATfoodtruck!

CafA� du Monde CrA?perie


Mais oui, this sweet and savoury taste trailer out of Waterloo will bring your mouth on a global adventure the likes of which should accept Air Miles. On the savoury side, you can sail the Mediterranean, or the Caribbean, take a stroll in Italy or taste a Canadian take on the crA?pe. On the sweet side, whether you�re feeling apple-licious want a raspberry blast, or just a good old original crA?pe, you�ve come to the right place. Check out their website!

The Schmuck Truck


You�ll be happy to see this Schmuck coming! Out of Waterloo, this bus of a truck serves up gourmet food made with fresh local ingredients, including risotto balls, grilled cheeses and sloppy schmucks. Check out their websiteA�or follow them on TwitterA�@SchmuckTruck1!

Great British Bake


Hailing from the UK, this Union Jack on wheels crossed the pond to Cambridge to bring a little taste of Britain to Waterloo Region. Their exquisitely English food truck fare includes meat pies, quiches and stuffed potatoes, and for the sweet toothed (we seem to have more here in the colonies) scones, biscuits and cupcakes. Check out their websiteA�or follow them on TwitterA�@GBBAKE!


Kool Jim�s Ice Cream


This truck puts the sweet in summer with all the ice cream you can imagine, and some chocolate covered bananas to boot! Check them out on Facebook!

West of Seoul


The newest addition to Waterloo Region�s food truck scene has yet to roll out it�s menu, but owners Andrea Hennige and Chris Kim came in good spirits to support the cause and build the already mouth-watering anticipation for this Korean fusion sensation. Check out their websiteA�or follow them on TwitterA�@WestofSeoul!

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