Ramping up your Spring dining with fiddleheads & wild leeks

One of the best things about Spring in Ontario, besides patio drinks and sunnier days, is a reintroduction to Ontario’s next season of ingredients – among them, freshly sprouted fiddleheads and wild leeks (aka ramps)! 
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These nutrient-dense beauties pack a punch in flavour, vitamins and minerals (and both taste great with a healthy dose of melted butter). It’s their flavours that have farm or forest-to-table chefs brighting up their dishes with these newly sprouted forest foods. The deep flavours of fiddleheads can be likened to asparagus and spinach; wild leeks, as you can imagine, are much more aromatic and similar to mild garlic and onion.  Head out to your local farmers markets to find these delicious ingredients. Add fresh wild leeks to your potato salads or brighten up curries and stews using wild leeks as a garnish. Fiddleheads, like asparagus, are a great side with fish and other proteins… with butter. Did I mention butter already? 
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If you’re curious about doing your own foraging, before dusting off your hiking shoes, take the time to learn the ends and outs of foraging sustainably.  Leave enough behind to enable nature to do its thing; leave the soil and organic materials just as you found them. 
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