When the Great Pumpkin Comes, Offer Him a Beer

We don’t want to admit it, but it’s fall. Soon the leaves will start turning and people will start putting fall decorations outside their front doors. Colourful leaves and pumpkins aren’t the only thing we’ll be seeing hitting homes this season though!

There’s many reasons for pumpkin lovers like us to celebrate.

We can never have enough pumpkin — it seems to be such a shortA�season that it’s available. A couple of pies or tarts, maybe one sliced on the grill, and *poof* — the season’s finished.

Well, before you miss it, you’ve got to try something new that Black Creek Historic Brewery has developed: Black Creek Pumpkin Beer!

It’s available for this autumn season in the LCBO, which is a first. Follow the LCBO link and find out what stores near you are carrying it.

Black Creek Historical Brewery says: “The beer uses real pumpkin in the brew kettle and is infused with a blend of spices including nutmeg, ginger and cinnamon prior to fermentation. The result is golden ale heady in spices and flavor.”

Want something more? Head out to Black Creek Pioneer Village!

Black Creek Pumpkin Ale is also available during Black Creek Pioneer Village�s Howling Hootenanny event on October 27. A�Stop by to pick up a 64 oz growler ($16, which includes taxes and a refundable deposit) or drop by to sample this latest creation.

Remember, it’s only limited quantities–for a limited time only!

Wouldn’t it be great with some pumpkin pie at the Thanksgiving table?A� That’s how we’re enjoying it!

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