Popping All Them Bottles With Your Barbeque

I don’t know about you, but we’re in full on grilling mode around here. We’ve forgotten how to use our ovens and that treasured dutch oven we cling to in the winter months is gathering dust on a shelf somewhere. There’s something so amazing about spending a long afternoon-turned-into-night around the barbeque. Letting the smoke smells linger and licking your fingers twice for good measure. It’s the ultimate summer experience. 2016-06-12 02.24.39 1 Think it can’t get any better? Try these perfect pairings and make your next barbecue the best one yet!

Bone Dry Bubbles + Bawler Burgers

There’s no reason you can’t pour bubbles with burgers; in fact, we recommend it! Choose one made with mostly Pinot Noir — like the 2011 Blanc De Noir from Kew Vineyards — to keep things crisp and cut the fat, then pile on the pinot friendly toppings. Think: sauteed mushrooms, caramelized onions, smoked bacon or a swiss style cheese.

Grilled Salmon & Glorious Gamay

Light bodied, low in tannins and heavy on the bright fruit flavours, Gamays are the perfect wine for smokey, fishy salmon. Don’t be scared away by that old wives tale about fish and red wine! Try the Gamay Noir from The Grange of Prince Edward with its red berry and herbal notes. 

Ravine’s Merlot + All The Ribs

The wine maker’s tasting notes alone on the Ravine Vineyard Merlot make us want to lick our fingers: black berries, red licorice and warm vanilla cake. Pair that with sticky, rich, slightly sweet and slightly spicey ribs and you’ll be shouting winner-winner, ribs-for-dinner!

Mushroom Caps + Cab Franc

Can we talk about veggie burgers for a second? They’re actually pretty darn amazing! Especially when they’re chalk full of all sorts of mushrooms. Keep your veg-head friends happy and pair those rich, earthy mushroom burgers with Fielding Estate Winery’s Cabernet Franc. Trust us, as the notes of cedar smoke and dark chocolate hit your nose, you won’t even notice the lack of beef!

Summer Reisling + Sweet Sausages

Sweet, crisp and refreshing are three words for Flat Rock Cellars Nadja’s Vineyard Riesling. It’s a stellar example of what Niagara can do with this steadfast grape. Whether you’re going German brat or spicy Italian, a dry riesling can’t serve you wrong. Dry Rieslings it seems are a natural pairing for sausages and never ending summer nights!

What’s your favorite summer wine? Let us know!

Don’t want to turn on the grill? Loads of Ontario wineries have stunning patios and barbeque options happening all summer long. Check out our event calendar to get the road trip juices flowing — and don’t forget, Wine Country Ontario is your resource for all things wine in Ontario! download


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