Peterborough Shines A Spotlight on Food & Agriculture

Like many rural areas in Ontario, in Peterborough & the Kawarthas agriculture propels the local economy. It’s no wonder then that the region is shining a spotlight on the agriculture sector through a series of promotional videos featuring farmers and chefs from throughout the area. It includes 6 short videos profiling individual producers and 5 new ?The Chefs of Peterborough & the Kawarthas? videos.

Peterborough & the Kawarthas, is a unique mix of heritage city, cottage country, and flourishing farmlands. There are over 350 restaurants in the region and 8 farmers´┐Ż markets in peak season, making Ontario-grown food easily accessible to residents and visitors alike.

It’s also the unofficial home of red fife wheat — a really special Ontario food story. Red Fife is believed to have crossed several continents before arriving in the Peterborough area, where it gained a foothold on the land of farmer David Fife, hence its name.

Hard Winter Bread Company, located in Lakefield, Ontario is just one of the bakeries currently using red fife. They use their hand built wood fired oven and ingredients from the area to create beautiful baked goods.

The video series — which we want all of you to watch! — also features Traynor Farms, McLean Berry Farm, Publican House Brewery, Circle Organics and Harley Farms. You can watch them all here.

Part of the series also includes some fun interviews with chefs from the region. Chef’s like Dorset Mitchell of Feast On Certified Elmhirst Resort. Dorset feels lucky that he gets to work in a place so committed to the local food culture. They have kitchen gardens and even raise their own beef cattle. 

“When I cook it makes me happy. My real happiness comes from the people who enjoy my food and leave the restaurant with a smile” he says in the video.

We hope these videos inspire you to travel and experience Peterborough & the Kawarthas this summer!

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