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Perfect Weekends: Guelph

Known as “The Royal City”, Guelph is quickly becoming known as an exceptional place to experience food. It’s success is deeply rooted in the entrepreneurial spirit of its people and tradition of innovation.

What was once a ‘University Town’ has evolved into a cultural hub of the area and the food doesn’t disappoint. The long standing history of respect for agriculture and the local landscape has created some very unique businesses and innovators.

Here’s what our perfect weekend in Guelph looks like.

  1. Looking for a really good cup of coffee? We like The Common Cafe, right by Market Square. They pull a mean espresso and serve it with just the right amount of sass.
  2. Once you’ve got your caffeine fix in hand, should it be Saturday, head down the road to the Guelph Farmer’s Market. They’ve got a heavy roster of local eats on offer, including spicy samosas, old fashioned doughnuts and technicolor farm fresh eggs! It’s a great way to get a glimpse of the local food scene.
  3. Guelph is home to not one, not two but three amazing craft breweries. Hop heads should definitely make a stop at Wellington Brewery, F&M Brewery and Royal City Brewing Company for a taste.
  4. Guelph’s also got it’s first craft distillery last year. Dixon’s Distillery is creating locally produced grain-to-bottle vodka, gin, moonshine and whisky that are well worth a taste!
  5. Get a dose of fresh air amongst the towering trees at the University of Guelph Arboretum. Around every tree is a new discovery!
  6. If traveling in July, rain or shine, The Hillside Festival is the place to be for indie music in Ontario. The music fest turns 34 this year — and promises the same great music and food. Past edibles include a Wellington County favorite: ice cream from Mapleton’s Organic!
  7. Breakfast, lunch or dinner – a meal at Mijiidaa always hits the spot. They make a mean pizza, shake a decent cocktail, but it’s the venison and wild nettle gouda burger that has us hooked.
  8. If you’re spending the night, we recommend booking at The Breadalbane Inn, just up the road in Fergus. This boutique hotel has seven deluxe suites and four vintage suites on offer and serves a beautiful, locally sourced breakfast. It makes a great home-base for those looking to stay a little longer and explore Wellington County.


BONUS: Can you say “Donkey Sanctuary of Canada“? Over 70 donkeys, mules and hinnies call this sanctuary home. These cuties are just waiting for you to visit!

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