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Perfect Weekends: Collingwood

With ski season quickly approaching (too soon?)… afternoons have us day dreaming of Collingwood. Nestled at the foot of the Blue Mountains (the ski resort of the same name), Collingwood has become a beacon for beer lovers and those who know a good, locally sourced meal is worth the drive.

It’s no wonder considering some of the province’s finest hops is grown in neighboring Grey County.

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All beer geek-ery aside, this town has a lot to offer! Here’s what our Perfect Weekend in Collingwood would look like:

1. Wake up early, grab an apple muffin at Ashanti Coffee and head to the Scandinave Spa — especially if it’s snowing. The hot pools and a cold plunge is just what the doctor ordered, any time of year. Make sure to leave time to relax in a Muskoka Chair next to one of the roaring fires. Cold winds be damned!

2. All that relaxation calls for a baller lunch. We suggest stopping in at Feast ON Certified Northwinds Brewhouse for the “brewshi” — a whimsical sushi rolls with tempura wild mushrooms and wild greens. Pair that with a tasting flight of their seasonal brews for a winning combo.

3. Park the car and start exploring. You can grab a taxi, or book a Free Spirit Brewery Tour to visit some of the towns other breweries like newly opened Collingwood Brewery or Side Launch Brewing.

4. All those pours might have you needing a nap — head back to The Blue Mountain Inn if you’re keen. If amping up the adventure is more your style, we suggest trekking over to the Scenic Caves from some zip lining, spelunking or cross country skiing.

5. Which ever you choose, you’ll also need dinner plans. We’d be remiss if we didn’t point you straight to Azzurra, where chef Leona Nyman does wonders with local fare. Start off your meal with a cocktail — or a glass of local wine from Coffin Ridge!

For more ways to explore Collingwood and The Blue Mountains, make sure to pick up your Apple Pie Trail Map