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Perfect Weekends: Brockville

Brockville, once called Elizabethtown, is a charming little city sitting on the shore of the Lake Ontario in The Great Waterway. It’s a gateway to the 1000 Islands, but offers up a slew of unique and delicious experiences in its own right.

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Here’s what our Perfect Weekend in Brockville looks like!

1. The Great Waterway is home to over 700 kilometres of hiking and cycling trails. use Brockville as your homebase when you explore the Gordon MacCormack Maitland Trails, Jones Creek, or Limerick Forest.

2. Otter lovers take note. The newly open Aquatarium has an entire otter experience where you can watch them frolic and play. There’s three otters, their names are Oliver, Ivy and Brock. There’s also other native species exhibits highlighting the flora and fauna of the 1000 Islands.

3. For a good cup of coffee and a slice of pie, we’d head to Boboli on King Street. They also offer some pretty cozy soup and sandwich options to cheer up even the blisteriest of days.

4. The Brockville Farmers Market is one of the oldest in the province and one of the most lively. Stop by and stock up on everything from tradition Scottish shortbread to locally grown apples.

5. In June, make the time to book your boat ride over to Refugee Islands for the Island Breakfast. Nosh on a classic locally-sourced breakfast before exploring the island.

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