Peach Ciders To Make You Forget Autumn is Almost Here

What do you get when you combine tart, thirst quenching Ontario apples with the sweet, fuzzy peaches we love so much? Peach cider!

With Ontario’s cider scene growing at such an enormous rate, it’s only natural that our cider makers start experimenting with different types of cider. There are pinot noir ciders, sour cherry ciders, hopped ciders — we even had a lovely salted-pineapple cider during Ontario Craft Cider Week this year! This experimentation is something we can definitely get behind.


 The first peach cider we ever tried was by The County Cider Company.  A lip-smacking apple-based cider that was sweetened with pure peach juice. It’s only available in their tasting room, but that shouldn’t be a problem since no visit to Prince Edward County is complete without a visit to the County Cider Company!

This first peach cider had us intrigued. We started exploring more and more peach ciders. 

With a pleasant aroma of sun-ripened, freshly-cut Ontario peaches, Brickworks Ciderhouse’s ‘Stadium Island Peach’ cider hit the spot. It’s balanced with a tart finish, and a subtle apple undertone. 

But why the name you ask? According to the cidermakers, on September 5th, 1914 Babe Ruth hit his first professional homerun at Hanlan�s Point Stadium located on Toronto Island. To this day, the world�s most expensive baseball has never been recovered. Much like the roars of the stadium, now gone, at the time there were over 375,000 peach trees in Ontario (not one of those varieties remains today). ?Lost but not forgotten? is what inspired them in this story and in this cider.

Locally produced at Winona, Ontario, Sir Isaac’s Premium Peach Cider smells of white flowers, and tastes like warm summer peaches and binned apples. It’s made with %100 Niagara peaches — which makes sense, since the Puddicombe estate in at the gates to the region. You can pick it up at select LCBO’s, but we think it tastes better at the farm. The team at Puddicombe offer walking tours, tastings and all sorts of classes too.


It’s coming next week… ‘The Catalyst MKIII’, hopped peach! #wac4life #hamont

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West Avenue Cider is releasing a hopped peach cider just in time for September. No word yet on what this beauty tastes like, but if it’s anything like the MKII made with montmorency sour cherries and santian hops, we’re on board!

Cider-ProducersHunting for more unique, Ontario ciders? Look no further than the Ontario Craft Cider Association

Have you heard the news? As of June 24th, Ontario cider is available in grocery stores. Now that’s cause to celebrate!


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