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Winemakers in Ontario have come a long way in the last 50 years. A�They’re winning awards in every category from growing to aging around the world.

Wine lovers have also come a long way. A�We’re more aware, more informed and more committed to choosing locally crafted products. A�We want unique experiences to pair with our unique wines, but we also want easier access to the wines we fell in love with.

Imagine having a boutique wine shop just around the corner.


Enter Pairs Perfectly. A�Pairs Perfectly is a new online initiative from the Wine Council of Ontario aimed at increasing the public profile and awareness for private wine shops. A�They are the most responsible option to increase access to the quality wine we love.

The online initiative allows you to sign up, connect automatically with provincial election candidates from all parties and to share with them that you would like to see increased choice with private wine shops in this province.

The private wine shop model they are promoting has been shown to work in other parts of Canada already. Ontarians want the same choices other Canadians already enjoy. A�It’s a king of middle ground between the LCBO majority and the convenience store model being talked about in wine circles today.

The LCBO does a great job of providing a wide variety of wines to Ontario drinkers from all over the world, don’t get me wrong! A�Private wine shops would only enhance this experience, make it more convenient, and save the LCBO from spending more dollars for bricks and mortar. Yet they would still provide the LCBO with revenues from wholesaling the wines to private shops, much as they do for restaurants in Ontario.A�That means more revenue for Ontario healthcare and education priorities.

Four reasons consumers support private wine shops:

  1. Choice:A�Private wine shops will give adult consumers new choice and increased convenience. A�A�Consumers know that they only have access to a fraction of the products available around the world.A� They have experiences that have shown them that there are ways to have more and they are interested.
  2. Jobs and Growth:A�According to independent industry studies, private wine shops have the potential to create 5,000 new jobs and an incremental billion dollars in economic growth revenue to the province and communities across Ontario.A� Consumers appreciate the opportunity for government monies to be reallocated from building stores to building hospitals
  3. Social Responsibility:A�Private wine stores offer a responsible alternative to selling alcohol out of corner stores � where it will be practically impossible to guard against sales to teens.
  4. It Works:A�The model has been shown to work in other parts of Canada already. In BC, Manitoba and Nova Scotia, private wine shops work alongside government liquor stores, increasing revenues and providing a substantial boost to local wineries.

Do you agree? Have your say!

Visit to find out more about how private Ontario wine shops pair perfectly with neighbourhoods, social responsibility, the LCBO and you.

Follow @PairsPerfectly for news about the campaign.

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