Oxford County Home To Global Champions!

It’s official, Oxford County is whey delicious. The World Cheese Awards, were held in Birmingham England last week. Amongst the 2,727 different cheeses entered by countries from across the globe, Oxford County took some some serious hardware.  Judges awarded the top 62 cheeses from each category Super Gold status with the top 16 cheeses making it to the final round. Mountainoak Cheese and Bright Cheese & Butter took home top prizes each — solidifying Oxford County once again as Canada’s Dairy Capital. 10755918_868380636539367_458349509_n Mountainoak Cheese, from Haysville Ontario was awarded Gold in its category with Mountainoak Farmstead GOLD.  Adam and Hannie Van Bergeijk’s family has a rich history in dairy farming and cheese making. Mountainoak opened in 2012 with a mission to make high quality products using only the best ingredients and a traditional Dutch recipe. Their Premium Dutch Gold also won in its category, Extra Aged Gouda at the prestigious 2015 Canadian Cheese Grand Prix.
“We are excited and happy with the wins. Our success is a combination of what we do and how we do it. We raise and take care of our own Holstein cows, plant our own seed, care for and harvest our own crops. It also comes down to having a good recipe for cheese making. The awards and recognition is a credit to our employees and the way we do things.” said Adam Van Bergeijk.
Bright Cheese and Butter of Bright Ontario won Bronze for its entry of Asiago and Silver for their Old Coloured Cheddar at the World Cheese Awards.  Their Asiago and Old White Cheddar also became finalists at the Great Canadian Cheese Grand Prix 2015. Their recent Premier’s Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence comes after the 140 year old company invested in infrastructure, equipment and product development over the past two years. 10735611_547073002093358_1324904412_n At its peak, there were 98 separate cheese factories in Oxford County. Oxford’s rich history in dairy and cheese can been seen throughout the County when dining, visiting a museum or art gallery, or attending a local fair. The Oxford County Cheese Trail map showcases attractions that showcase our agricultural roots, where you can feast on local cheese, and where you can visit a replica 1800s.

In queso you want more, head on over to the Oxford County Cheese Trail website. 

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