Taste Tested : Fire-Roasted Ontario Corn

Welcome to crisper days, crunchier leaves, and plenty of amazing local food. The next time you’re planning on cooking up some fresh Ontario corn, consider grilling it or roasting it over the fire. Going camping? Great! Hit up a farm-stand on your way to the park, and enjoy fresh local corn prepared over the fire. See below for full instructions.


Grilling your corn on the cob in the husk over the fire (or on the grill) saves on dishes and clean up! When it’s done, fold back the husk and tie it up into a nifty handle. Now that’s finger food we can behind!

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Fire-Roasted Ontario Corn
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  1. As many cobs of fresh Ontario corn as you have dinner guests (and even then, maybe a few extras!).
  2. Butter
  3. Salt
If you're headed to the campsite, a few of the following steps can be done in advance, at home
  1. Gently pull husks away from corn (do not detach them from the cob)
  2. Remove the silk
  3. Pull the husks back up and over the corn again
  4. Secure the husks tightly with string
  5. Soak in a large pot (or just your sink!) of room-temperature water for at least 15 minutes and up to 1 hour
  6. Once at the campsite, build a roaring fire. You'll need the coals for the corn, so cook your other food first
  7. Tuck the corn into the coals, shovelling some of the coals over the corn, creating an oven-like situation
  8. If you're able to, rotate the cobs carefully, with tongs
  9. Pull the corn out after about 10 minutes, the kernels should be golden brown
  10. Let cool, and enjoy! Serve (with butter, obviously!)
Culinary Tourism Alliance https://ontarioculinary.com/

Did you know that only 2 cobs come off every corn stalk in the field — and only one of those gets put to market? Who knew!

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