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Our Staff-Approved Holiday Gift Guide

Want to know what our staff is giving (and hoping to get!) this season? Check our latest Staff Favorites: the Christmas edition!


Agatha “Save Them Bees” Podgorski

The Gift: Toronto Fall Blossom Honey, Ontario Honey Creations

“I love hyper local honey — and it’s my mission to make my friends love it too! This honey is made from hives around The Six, but they’ve also got Rouge Valley and Headwaters specific varieties on offer this year. Peter Chorabik and his wife Sarah rescue honey bee swarms from around Ontario and relocate them to hives in the GTA. They then collect their hard-won honey and sell it to support the bee rescue operations. How cool is that?”

Rebecca “Better Together” Mackenzie

The Gift: Collaborative Ontario Brews

“I love seeing businesses collaborate and create. The Secret Beach Saison Cuvee made by Stone City Ales with Norman Hardie is exceptional! Blended with 2014 Cabernet Franc Rose this beer is outstanding – and sadly, also sold out. Thankfully I purchased enough this summer to make sure my beer loving friends will be getting a bottle from me this holiday. I am super excited for the collaboration brew between Great Lakes Brewery and Beau’s All Natural as part of the 2018 Terroir Symposium. They’ll be tapping the keg on April 23rd at the AGO – you can buy tickets to attend the 12th annual Terroir Symposium now (and save $100 up to Dec 31) – great gift for your friends and loved one in the hospitality industry”

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Caroline “Extra Spicy” Morrow

The Gift: Anything from The Plant YYZ

“Plant YYZ sells a “Some Like It Hot” hot sauce taster set. These small batch, Ontario sourced hot sauces are sold individually or as a set of six. Hopefully my family and friends aren’t reading this post, but I’m planning to grab all six and stick one in everyone’s stocking this year (plus keep one for myself).”

Trevor “The Funk” Benson

The Gift: Alchemy Pickle Company Seasonal Spicy Kimchi

“Nothing says I love you more than a funky fermented spicy vegetable concoction, and Alchemy Pickle Company happens to bring all these elements together in their seasonal cultured kimchi. Great on the side of a plate, in a wrap, or my favourite, mixed into cheesy scrambled eggs on toast. And you can feel good about picking up this pickle because you’re supporting Southern Ontario farmers in the process.”


Nalisha “Take Me North” Sankreacha

The Gift: Northern Ontario Brewer Alliance Beer Pack

“Northern Ontario has some great breweries! The LCBO has a Northern Ontario Mixed Sixer features six brews from different breweries in the North. The breweries featured in the pack are: Highlander Brew Co, Lake of the Woods Brewing Co, Manitoulin Brewing Co, New Ontario Brewing Co, Sleeping Giant Brewing Co, and Stack Brewing Co. Grab a pack today and show your support for great beer, collaboration, and Ontario’s North!”

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Christine “One Lump Or Two” Kuzyk

The Gift: Pluck Tea Tasters

“I’ve only recently discovered the beautiful, locally sourced teas made by Jennifer and her team at Pluck Teas. This year, I’ll be putting tins of the Sunset In Niagara blend in peoples stockings all season! This rooibos blend features bio dynamic Cabernet franc grape skins from Southbrook vineyards in Niagara, lavender, blueberries, rose and sunflower petals.”

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