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Our Favorite Ontario Ciders, Right Now

Ontario is a big, BIG place. We like to think we’ve seen it all – but we really haven’t scratched the surface of its treasures. People always ask us where we’re going and what we’re eating next. Let us beat you to the punch this time. Here are a few of the things – namely ciders! – we’re hoping to sip this winter!

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Rebecca “Snakebite” Mackenzie

The Cider: County Cider

Cider Maker: Jenifer Dean, County Cider Co.

“I LOVE County Cider – dry and crisp. Perfect on it’s on or in a Snake Bite. I have loved this cider from the very first time I tried it at the Waring House in Picton, ON over 20 years ago. It’s a staple in our fridge in The County and the city.”

Nalisha “Half Pints Only” Sankreacha

The Cider: Batch 1904

The Cider Maker: Brickworks Ciderhouse

A nice dry crisp cider perfect for any occasion! They also make one with cherries that’s pretty darn swell. We’ve been known to tap into a tall can or two after work around here.”

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Agatha “Loves ‘Em Extra Dry” Podgorski

The Cider: Hammer Bent Scrumpy

The Cider Maker: Mark & Mike Vansteenkiste, Twin Pines

“This beautiful, complex cider is cloudy, super funky and has an interesting mulled character with unexpected hints of grapefruit. Think that sounds confused and all over the place? It is, but so am I. Get it at the cidery or by the bottle at Her Father’s Cider Bar in Toronto.”


Danielle “Better Be On Draught” Katz

The Cider: Classic Draught

The Cider Maker: Thomas Wilson, Spirit Tree Estate Cidery

My go to cider is definitely Spirit Tree Draught Cider. And my favourite cider themed adventure is visiting Spirit Tree Estate Cidery for pizza and a flight of ciders and then spending time buzzing around their shop for other local goodies. Side note: they make outrageous butter tarts!

Trevor “Cider Baron” Benson

The Cider: Forbidden Dry Cider

The Cider Maker: Joel Loughead, Coffin Ridge Boutique Winery

I like the easy drinking Forbidden Cider from Coffin Ridge. It’s crisp and tart, almost like it’s got lemon in it. Perfect for summer afternoons in the sun!

Kristin “Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree” Nicol

The Cider:Empire Cider

The Cider Maker:Empire Cider Co.

“Made with 100% Ontario-grown apples, this is a throwback to a simpler time, a traditional farmhouse cider. It’s unfiltered, unpasteurized and bottle carbonated with local honey. This makes an extra dry, slightly cloudy, more tart than sweet cider. It’s super session-able and refreshing on a hot summer day. I’m also a big fan of the crowned crow vintage label – you can’t miss it!”

To find more amazing Ontario ciders, check out the Ontario Craft Cider Association — and make sure to look for them at your local LCBO, cidery and grocery store!