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Our favorite Ontario made artisan cheeses, right now!

We are really big fans of cheese. There’s no meal that isn’t made better by a little bit of it. Ontario’s artisan cheesemakers are doing amazing things across the province. Here’s our favorite locally-made cheeses, right now.

Agatha “Did it for the Curds” Podgorski

The Cheese: Farmstead 3 Year Old Gouda, Mountainoak Cheese

3165 Huron Road, New Hamburg, Oxford County, ON    mountainoakcheese.ca

“Not only was this humble cheese the Grand Champion at the 2017 British Empire Cheese Competition, but it’s also gotten the Podgorski household seal of approval. We can’t stop eating it! It’s nutty, just funky enough and pairs perfectly with a big dollop of honey.”

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Caroline “Anything for the Rock” Morrow

The Cheese: Devil’s Rock, Thornloe Cheese

Trans-Canada Highway, Thornloe, ON    thornloecheese.ca

“I love Devil’s Rock from Thornloe Cheese for three reasons. 1) It tastes great. 2) It comes in a wax packaging that actually makes the cheese looks like a rock and 3) Trevor and I had a terrifying visit to Devil’s Rock where we both learned we may have a fear of heights, so I now have the utmost respect for the cheese’s namesake!”

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Christine “Tang It Up” Kuzyk

The Cheese: Cranberry Cinnamon Goat Cheese Log, Celebrity

1074 Cranberry Rd, Bala, ON     cranberry.ca

“On a recent visit to Muskoka Lakes Farm & Winery, Celebrity Cranberry Cinnamon Goat Cheese took centre stage on a charcuterie board we enjoyed. The tang of the cranberries, the spice of the cinnamon – it paired really well with the cheese. Plus, Celebrity Goat products are made from 100% pure Canadian goat’s milk, collected from family-run farms in Southern Ontario, Canada.”

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Rebecca “Go for the Gold” Mackenzie

The Cheese: Niagara Gold, Upper Canada Cheese

4159 Jordan Road, Jordan Station, ON     uppercanadacheese.com

“This cheese is a winner with just about everything – perfectly paired with an Ontario apple or sandwiched between some Humble Bread, my family and love “the gold” as we fondly refer to it!”

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Landon “you gouda brie kidding me” Logie

The Cheese: Back Forty Bonnechere, Back Forty Artisan Cheese

1406 Gulley Rd, Mississippi Station, ON     artisancheese.ca

“You know me; dessert is my favourite part of any meal – but Back Forty’s Bonnechere can compete with the best of em’. The rind is toasted over an open flame before aging, leaving smoky notes of caramel, this cheese is a beautiful balance between salty and sweet. Who needs dessert when you have Bonnechere!”

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Trevor “Burger” Benson

The Cheese: Smoked Gouda, Blyth Farm Cheese

82521 Allboro Line, Blyth, ON     blythfarmcheese.ca

“Easy: Blyth’s Smoked from Blyth Farm Cheese: applewood smoked goat’s cheese, which is perfect on a burger with caramelized onions.”


Camilo “Manchego-Gouda” Montoya-Guevara

The Cheese: Five Brothers, Gunn’s Hill Artisan Cheese

445172 Gunns Hill Road, Woodstock, ON      gunnshillcheese.ca

“An award-winner through and through this cheese will both satisfy your tastebuds and stimulate your senses! Its creamy texture is a testament to the innovation that went into its making, a truly Canadian cheese that mixes the traits of Swiss appezeller and Dutch gouda to make an outstanding cheese-enjoyment-experience.”

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Megan “Havarti Party” Wollenberg

The Cheese: Elgin Buffalo Gouda Cheese, Hope Eco Farms

51681 College Line, Aylmer, ON

“I love the subtle sweet taste of this cheese and its firm texture. It’s a buffalo cheese that stands on its own compared to other dairy varieties and pairs really well with Pinot. Also, fun fact: did you know that Water Buffalo Milk has: 58% more Calcium than Cow’s Milk, 40% more Protein than cow’s milk, and 43% less cholesterol?”

Happy hunting friends!