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Our Favorite Maple Things, Right Now

Ontario is a big, BIG place. We like to think we’ve seen it all – but we really haven’t scratched the surface of its treasures. People always ask us where we’re going next. Let us beat you to the punch this time. Here are a few seasonally specific (hint: maple!) things we’re hoping to see, do and eat right now.

Rebecca’s Ontario Maple Moment

Maple Bacon Baked Beans* (say that three times fast!)

“You know, beans, beans, the musical fruit…  are always made better with maple AND bacon! At my house, we get our bacon from Sanagan’s Meat Locker and use our favourite PEC Maple Syrup from Fosterholm Farms. The more you eat, the more you… want to eat these every day!”

Agatha’s Ontario Maple Moment

Ontario Maple Old Fashioned

“It’s always 5 o’clock somewhere! At this time of year, I’m lacing my whisky old-fashioned with homemade preserved Niagara cherries (is it summer yet?) and Sapsucker ice cubes. What’s that you ask? It’s pure Grey County maple sap in a box. I pour it into ice cube trays and freeze. It’s delicious, plus it melts slower than water keeping my drink maple-y fresh for those nights when I’m lingering over just one. If this sounds like the most Ontario cocktail ever, rest assured — it is. Cheers guys!”

Danielle’s Ontario Maple Moment

Maple Bath Time

“In Lanark County, you can eat, drink and even bathe in maple. It’s Ontario’s maple capital! I recently discovered the maple body butter and bath salts from Fulton’s Pancake House and Sugar Bush, a staple in the region. I’m in love!”

Kristin’s Ontario Maple Moment

Maple Walnut ‘Seed to Sausage’ Sausage

“Having had the pleasure of enjoying Maple in The County this year, I indulged in this delicious sweet sausage at County Road Beer Company paired with other local snacks. Upon rigorous testing, I can confidently say it pairs perfectly with County Road’s seasonal Maple Belgian Double — strong, spicy & oh so mapley!”

Trevor’s Ontario Maple Moment

Maple on Muesli

“If you’re going to eat virtually the same thing every morning of the week, like me, it might as well “taste grrrrrreat”, as Tony says. This is why I like to top my muesli, which includes as many different seeds, nuts, and grains I can pack into a small container on top of yogurt, with a healthy drizzle of Ontario maple syrup. We pick up ours at the Sorauren Farmers Market Monday afternoons, all-year.”

Nalisha’s Ontario Maple Moment

Wintergreen Maple Products

“Check out this maple sugar barn and pancake barn if you’re ever in the Haliburton Highlands! In the summer they have a fruit themed socials where they offer pancake breakfasts drenched in maple syrup that is made on site. They also have the largest selection of maple products, preserves, jellies, and the best salsa — “I Need a Beer Salsa!”