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Our Favorite Mac ‘n Cheese in Ontario, right now

Is there anything more satisfying at this time of year than an ooey-gooey bowl of mac ‘n cheese?

We’ve rounded up our favorite bowls of the good stuff. These creamy, bowls of goodness are well worth a road trip!

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The one with the maple and the bacon and more

Northwinds Brewhouse & Kitchen
499 First St, Collingwood       northwindsbrewery.com

This might be the most Canadian plate of mac ‘n cheese we’ve ever eaten. Crispy Ontario pork is paired with a hint of Grey County maple syrup and loads of sharp Ontario cheddar cheese. Yum!

The one with the lobster

Dianne’s Fish Shack & Smokehouse
195 Ontario St, Kingston     dianneskingston.com

This classic combo is popular for a reason! They pair Canadian East Coast lobster with plenty of Ontario cheddar and crunchy bread crumbs.

The side that needs to be a star

Lancaster Smokehouse
574 Lancaster St W, Kitchener       lancsmokehouse.com

We get it, The Lanc makes good ribs – but their Mac ‘n Cheese is what really makes our hearts sing! Whether we’re chowing down on fried chicken or smoked hocks, we’re always ordering that side of Mac.

The one we’d eat every day if we could

Cafe Belong
550 Bayview Ave, Toronto       cafebelong.ca

This creamy bowl of goodness pops up periodically as a lunch a special and we jump on board every time! Made with three types of Ontario cheese, it’s got what we’re craving in spades.

The one we’d take home

Landman Gardens
322345, Concession 6-7, East Luther Grand Valley       landmangardens.ca

This ones comes in pulled pork or veggie varieties and you can get frozen versions for home in their farm store!

The one with secret vegetables

Miijidaa Cafe + Bistro
37 Quebec St, Guelph       miijidaa.ca

Not only is this version DELICIOUS, it’s got loads of ‘hidden’ veggies to boot. Smoked cheddar is paired with pasta, caramalized onions, spinach and a celeriac bechamel.

Where’s your favorite bowl of the good stuff in Ontario?