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Our favorite burgers in Ontario, right now

We have strong feelings about burgers. You may have surmised as much from our recent story about the decade long feud between Champ Burger and Super Burger in Headwaters. We take what Ontario’s chefs are putting between two buns very, very seriously.

Here’s our picks for the best burgers in Ontario, right now.

Rebecca’s Pick

The MBC Burger

“13KM Beef, “shrettuce”, dill pickle, big mac sauce served with fries. The bun to burger ratio is perfect – I love Chef Neil Dowson’s food! Great paired with one of Midtown beers.”

FIND IT AT: MIDTOWN BREWING COMPANY, 266 Wellington Main St, Wellington, Prince Edward County

Landon’s Pick

Prime Burger

“This is a tough one for me because burgers are my favourite food group – right after chocolate cake of course. One of the best burgers I have ever had is from Kenzington Burger Bar in Barrie, Ontario. I get their Prime Burger which comes loaded with grain mustard, brie, horseradish mayo and onion strings, THEN I add a fried egg and it becomes perfection.”

FIND IT AT: KENZINGTON BURGER BAR, Three locations in Barrie, Simcoe County

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Agatha’s Pick

The Rudy Mac

“I’m a sucker for anything riffing on a Big Mac, but the Rudy Mac off RUDY’s “secret menu” is the best. It’s got that double patty, special sauce goodness and plenty of pickles. Plus, it’s puppy approved!”

FIND IT AT: RUDY, 619 College Street, Toronto

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Trevor’s Pick

Double-patty Cheeseburger

“Webers is the first decent stop along the 11 on your way up to beautiful Northern Ontario. Consuming this burger means you’ve started your vacation! I get it with double pickles and double tomatoes, because I was told that’s the best ratio. Also: if you’ve got room for it, they make their poutine with Thornloe Cheese curds!”

FIND IT AT: Webers, Hwy 11, Orillia

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fEASTON_badgeChristine’s Pick

Station Burger

“People won’t stop telling me about the burger at Richmond Station and I can’t stop thinking about it. It’s got beet chutney (which appeals to my Ukrainian roots), aged cheddar and pickles. The patty is stuffed with braised shortribs and it’s served on a milk bun. Just reading that makes a girl hungry!”

FIND IT AT: Richmond Station, 1 Richmond St West, Toronto

Nalisha’s Pick

Chickpea & Apple Burger

“I’m a vegeterian, so I’m all about the veggie burger. This is a great vegetarian burger that comes with mango chutney and a sweet pickle slaw. Goes great with the Red Fife Wheat Ale which is brewed on site! “

FIND IT AT: Olde Stone Brewing Co, 380 George Street North, Peterborough

fEASTON_badgeCaroline’s Pick

Old Smokey

“I really like the beef from the ‘YU guy’ as my family calls him. At Borealis Grille in Guelph, the burger uses YU Ranch meat it topped with BBQ tomatoes, bacon JAM and black garlic emulsion. It’s awesome. I always like to pair with a Royal City brew, any of them. They’re all good!”

FIND IT AT: Borealis Grille & Bar, 1388 Gordon Street, Guelph

Happy Burger-ing friends!