Chef Jamie Kennedy’s Open Kitchen+ Project

The team at the Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance has been invited to participate in Chef Jamie Kennedy’s Open Kitchen+ Project powered by Google+ !A� This is an exciting new venture for us.

We’ve been given a +1–think of it as a “date”–to join us at dinner; and we’ve decided to contest this extra special +1 to our fans!

If you are passionate about local food and interested in attending Chef Jamie Kennedy’s Open Kitchen+1 Project on Monday, March 26th (in Toronto) all you need to do is follow our OCTA Google+ page found HERE and post your favourite Ontario Culinary Tourism Experience to be entered into our draw–which will take place March 20th. Jazz your posts up with images and videos too please!

You’re probably asking yourself what is this project all about?

Well… With the help of Google+, Jamie Kennedy, a true pioneer of the local food movement in Toronto, and the Group of 7 Chefs, we are taking the concept of the open kitchen to the next level. The project will bring together the Toronto food community sharing our passion and inspiration, while celebrate the amazing local ingredients at our doorstep.A� This is a chance to experience an unprecedented window into the back of the house as the evenings meal completes the last leg of its journey from farm to table.

More good news? If you aren’t the lucky winner of our +1 contest you can join in the evening by watching the event live on a Google+ Hangout! Stayed tuned to the OCTA Google+ page for more details.A�Follow the action and help spread the word as Jamie and the Group of 7 Chefs document the run-up to the event with exclusive content through their new Google+ presence.

You can find the chefs on Google+ here:

Chef Jamie Kennedy on Google+

Chef Scott Vivian on Google+

Chef Mark Cutrara on Google+

Chef Chris Brown on Google+

Chef Kevin McKenna on Google+

Chef Bertrand Alepee on Google+



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      As always whatever you touch is both passionate and interesting. Keep me posted please. Good luck and eat well, Joanna Sable Bumpercrop

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