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Ontario farmed shrimp is shrimp-ly the best!

Did you know that the most consumed seafood in North America is being raised responsibly in our own backyard? That’s right – our Feast On® friends at Planet Shrimp are producing fresh Pacific White shrimp, right her in in Aylmer, Ontario.

Until recently, the vast majority of the shrimp consumed in Ontario were frozen, coming from outdoor farms in Asia or other warm climate water regions. There are hundreds of thousands of foreign shrimp producers around the world, and due to the nature of the shrimp industry, it can be difficult to know where shrimp is coming from and how it is farmed.

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Planet Shrimp not only provides local, high quality product here in Ontario, but they are committed to reducing their environmental footprint and maintaining sustainable practices. How un-shellfish of them!

Using closed-systems with innovative water recycling technology, by-product and used water from production never touches Ontario’s natural land and water ecosystems. Their indoor salt-water facilities bio-filter water every 90 minutes (!), and there are zero added chemicals, growth hormones or antibiotics. This results in disease-free, healthy and oh-so-tasty shellfish.

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What’s truly amazing is that in Ontario’s unpredictable climate, Planet Shrimp can produce Pacific White shrimp year-round. This means that chefs are provided fresh, locally-raised seafood in any season! We’re thrilled to see that this Feast On Preferred Purveyor and Ocean Wise Certified company is changing the sustainable seafood game.

Planet Shrimp has created a sustainable Ontario product that is shrimp-ly the best.


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Like all our Feast On Preferred Purveyors, Planet Shrimp works to put local food on your table every day.