Ontario’s Breweries Number Over 300 Strong!

We love beer. We love what it’s doing for Ontario’s food scene and we love how creative brewers and farmers are re-imagining traditional growing and distribution systems to support it’s production in this province. 


That’s partly why, last week, we were so excited to hear that the Ontario Brewers Directory announced that it’s list — one of the most cohesive in the province — had officially broken 300 listings.

“The exceptional and exponential growth of Ontario’s beer industry is a testament to its dedicated work-force, thirsty and demanding consumers, and thriving agricultural and equipment suppliers. It was only in March 1, 2013 that we reached 100!” said Chris Burek, Managing Director.

That means brewery businesses have tripled in just over 2 years — open breweries & brew pubs now number 212, but there are another 89 currently in the works.

To celebrate, we encourage you to drink more beer. Not just in your home town, but across the province! There’s never been a better time to take a road trip.

Explore Ontario’s bottle shops — there are 127 of them open after all — and play a round of Bottle Shop Bingo while you’re at it.

Cheers to you, Ontario!

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