Ontario Farmland Trust: Protecting Local Land & Food

Local food advocates know that Ontario is blessed with some of the best farmland in Canada.


Across our province, fruit, vegetables, meat, eggs and dairy items of the highest quality are produced. Sadly, in recent years, our province has been losing its agricultural land base by thousands of acres each year as many farms go out of production and urban sprawl increases.

To combat the loss of valuable land, the Ontario Farmland Trust (OFT) was created. As a non-profit, it’s an organization that works collaboratively with farmers and communities to permanently preserve farmland for future generations in this province.

Ontario’s rich and bountiful farmland is used to grow the wholesome ingredients that we see in our many of our grocery stores, farmers’ markets and restaurants. Unless our province’s valuable farmland is managed and protected, Ontarians risk losing our land’s capabilities in the near future.

Through direct land securement, policy research, and education, the OFT believes that healthy, sustainable food systems are linked to healthy, sustainable communities and economies.

If you love local food and want to contribute to Ontario’s farmland preservation movement, sign up for an OTF membership, take advantage of  volunteer opportunities or attend their events to learn more.

About the Ontario Farmland Trust

The Ontario Farmland Trust works province?wide and focuses on three main activities:

  1. Direct land protection (land securement) through conservation easements and land donations;
  2. Policy development for improved farmland protection; and
  3. Research and education to advance land protection and related policy development

OFT actively protects farmland by working directly with landowners who have a desire to see their farms permanently protected for agriculture.



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