Ontario Farm Fresh Is Looking Fresher Than Ever!

We have a bit of a crush on the Ontario Farm Fresh Marketing Association. Their mission to promote and unite Ontario farms,agri-tourism destinations, pick-your-owns, roadside stands and community supported agriculture, just to name a few, is right up our alley. Which is why we we’re pretty excited to see what they had done with their new website.  The overall look of OFFMA’s new website is incredibly clean and user friendly. Right off the back you can see what’s in season, profiles of Ontario farms and feature recipes that showcase seasonal Ontario ingredients.  OFFMA screenshot The changes they have made to the structure of the website also add to the experience. They have added a powerful search engine that allows users to be able to search different fields making it easier to find exactly what you’re looking for. The comprehensive list of what you can add in to the Find a Farm makes finding local products or experiences a breeze. We especially like the additional features like searching for mazes or wedding locations.  They have also added a recipe section which is full of mouth watering pictures and recipes that ties into Ontario’s seasonality. Not only can you find local produce easily, but now you have a recipe go-to that shows you exactly what do with the best of Ontario’s seasons.  Stuffed-Squash1-480x270Members will also see an update to the website. You can now make your own changes 24/7 which means that the databases are always up-to-date and relevant. OFFMA, we thought you couldn’t get any more perfect, but you did. If you want to find some great recipes that show off Ontario’s bounty or check out the province’s local farms check out the OFFMA website  
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