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How Do You Like Dem Apples – Craft Cider On The Rise!

There’s currently 116 beer brewersA�currently operating in Ontario, and anotherA�35 currently in theA�planning phase. That’s a lot of beer my beverage loving friends.

These are some big numbers, and we couldn’t be more thrilled–but for those looking for something sweeter and decidedly more fruity, there’s a booming Cider industry in the big province of ours.

A new study indicates that this is “a good time” to be part of the Ontario cider industry.

The Ontario Apple Growers and the Ontario Craft Cider Association (OCCA) recently engaged the George Morris Centre to conduct an economic impact study and develop a strategic road map for the hard apple cider industry in Ontario.


The study found the cider industry has a solid and stable supply of good qualityA�OntarioA�apples for their cider production–and that’s got us giddy to the core!

“TheA�OntarioA�craft cider industry is now at a very important point in its development. It needs to take measured, strategic steps in partnership with apple growers and the provincial government. These strategic decisions will help it to achieve its full growth potential and to generate its full contribution to the provincial economy,” saysA�Kevin Grier, Senior Market Analyst, George Morris Centre.

“Cider isA�Ontario’sA�ideal industry: agriculture, manufacturing and tourism and it is green to boot. This study confirms the potential and we look forward to makingA�OntarioA�the centre of cider excellence,” saidA�Nick Sutcliffe, Chair, OCCA.

If theA�OntarioA�cider industry achieves projected sales ofA�$35 millionA�by 2018, the industry would have the following economic impacts:

  • Overall economic activity ofA�$60 million.A� In addition toA�$35 millionA�in projected sales, the supplier industries would generate a furtherA�$25 millionA�in added sales as a result of the activities of the craft cider industry.
  • Total added gross domestic product ofA�$30 million.
  • 220 jobs would be created in the industry and its suppliers.
  • Total payroll including benefits would totalA�$12 millionA�for the cider industry and its suppliers.
  • Taxes of overA�$2 millionA�would be paid to local, provincial and federal governments, not including income taxes.

Cheers to that!

About the Ontario Craft Cider Association

The OCCA was established in 2012 to represent craft cider producers inA�Ontario. The OCCA’s mission is to ensure thatA�OntarioA�is recognized as a centre for cider excellence and innovation. A�VisitA�OntarioCraftCider.com

About the Ontario Apple Growers

The Ontario Apple Growers represents the province’s 215 commercial apple farmers. The farm gate value ofA�Ontario’sapple crop is approximatelyA�$65 million. VisitA�ONApples.com