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Ontario Ciders: The Apples Of Our Eyes

There’s no getting around it; Ontario is prime apple country. We’ve got the Apple Route, the Apple Pie Trail and dozens of pick-your-own apple experiences to choose from. It’s only natural that we should make some phenomenal cider too.

We’ve noticed, and it seems you have too! Canadian cider is one of the fastest-growing categories at the LCBO with sales have jumped almost 300 per cent in five years. On top of that, since it’s inception in 2012, the Ontario Craft Cider Association has grown to 16 members — all committed to making quality, small batch ciders and perries with the province’s best apples (and pears!).


With so many options, and so little time (we’re all busy after all!) how does someone choose? Well, you take our word for it. Here are our current five favorites:

BATCH 1904 | Brick Works Cider Company

This baby’s light and tart, like a fresh apple. It’s made with Niagara and Georgian Bay macintoshes and ida reds.

Draught Cider  |  Spirit Tree Estate Cidery

Unlike many ciders, this sipper is made from tree-picked fruit, not grounders collected post harvest.  It’s paler, and noticeably dry with a bitter finish.  A very interesting pour, one we would pair with food all autumn long.

Heritage Dry  |  West Avenue Cider

This is the new cidery’s flagship cider. Made by Chris Haworth — a former chef — and Amy Robson, it’s crisp but fruity, acidic, but balanced.

Dry Cider  |  Pommie’s Dry Cider

Made from Ida Red, Northern Spy, Gala, Empire, and Russets apples, this is a light, refreshing, and fairly-sweet cider. It’s a great cider for those who are unsure they like cider or need to be re-introduced to it’s charm.

Dry Hopped Cider  |  Spirit Tree Estate Cidery

Probably the most unique cider on this list, it’s made with Chinook and Cascade hops grown on the property in small batches.  They make it decidedly more grassy, but also richer and pleasantly bitter.

Discover more amazing ciders and cideries from across Ontario. Visit your local LCBO store, or better yet — check our the Ontario Craft Cider Association and order direct from one it’s members!