Ontario Ciders Stand Tall at World’s Biggest Cider Competition

The 12th Great Lakes International Cider & Perry Competition (GLINTCAP), held in Michigan just announced their 2017 winners. Guess what, Ontario brought home 80 medals! 

Ontario craft cider producers collectively brew over 2.1millionlitres of cider a year. It’s an industry that’s growing at an astounding rate, without sacrificing quality. In 2008 there was one craft cidery in Ontario. As of2017 there are 27, with more on the way! Using juice from ONLY 100% Ontario apples and pears, they’re creating some seriously delicious products.


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In the category Heritage Sweet Cider, Grey and Gold Cider won the first prize with their Northern Gold. The cidery is just new, not even a year old and already went for the win! Keep an eye on this cidery, expectations are high for their future ciders! 

The first place for Fruit Cider goes to Toboggan Brewing Co with their Rhubarb Cider.
This Rhubarb cider is made with fresh local rhubarb and has a hint of fresh strawberry. It�s not too sweet and not too acid, but just right! You�ll have to be patient though, the cider will only be available in their restaurant from this July.

Here is a full list of Ontario awarded breweries

Acre Craft Cider Company

  • Occam’s Apple Modern Cider – Dry, GOLD

Andrew Peller Limited

  • No Boats On Sunday Hopped Cider, BRONZE

Beaver Valley Orchard & Cidery

  • Beaver Valley Organic Ginger Cider Spiced Cider, SILVER
  • Beaver Valley Flagship Heritage Cider – Dry, BRONZE

Bonnieheath Estate Winery

  • Cherry Bomb Fruit Cider, BRONZE
  • Fresh Apple Modern Cider – Sweet, BRONZE

Coffin Ridge Boutique Winery

  • Forbidden Black Currant Fruit Cider, SILVER
  • Forbidden Chai Spice Spiced Cider, SILVER
  • Forbidden Dry Cider Modern Cider – Dry, SILVER
  • Forbidden Wildflower Cyser Specialty Cider and Perry, BRONZE

Collective Arts

  • Apple & Cherry Fruit Cider, SILVER
  • Crab Apple Heritage Cider – Dry, SILVER
  • Local Press Modern Cider – Dry, SILVER
  • Pear Saison Modern Perry, BRONZE

Ernest Cider Co.

  • Ebenezer’s Heist Specialty Cider and Perry, SILVER
  • Rubee Fruit Cider, SILVER

Fisher-Cote Farmstead

  • Ontario Apple Wine 2015 Specialty Cider and Perry, BRONZE

Garage D’or Ciders

  • Wicked & Weird Specialty Cider and Perry, SILVER

Grey & Gold Cider

  • Northern Gold � 1st in Class Heritage Cider Sweet, GOLD
  • Barrel Dry Wood Aged Cider, SILVER
  • Heritage Dry Heritage Cider – Dry, SILVER
  • Dry Hopped Hopped Cider, BRONZE
  • Wildflower Specialty Cider and Perry, BRONZE

Heartwood Farm & Cidery

  • Currant Affair Fruit Cider, SILVER
  • Dry Maple Cider Modern Cider – Dry, BRONZE
  • Hoppity Hopped Cider, BRONZE

Ironwood Hard Cider

  • Tres Robles (oaked) Wood Aged Cider, BRONZE

KW Craft Cider

  • Hot Raspberry Specialty Cider and Perry, SILVER
  • Sparkling Dry Modern Cider – Dry, SILVER
  • Vanilla Cream Specialty Cider and Perry, BRONZE

Pommies Cider Co.

  • Pommies Cranberry Cider Fruit Cider, SILVER
  • Pommies Perry Modern Perry, SILVER
  • Pommies Sour Mac Heritage Cider – Dry, SILVER
  • Pommies Apple Ridge Estate Cider Heritage Cider – Dry, BRONZE
  • Pommies Cider Modern Cider – Sweet, BRONZE
  • Pommies Farmhouse Cider Traditional Cider – Dry, BRONZE

Puddicombe Cider Company

  • Puddicombe Family Tree Apple Cranberry Cider Fruit Cider, SILVER
  • Puddicombe Family Tree Apple Cider Modern Cider – Sweet, BRONZE

Revel Cider Company

  • Liquid Gold Modern Cider – Dry, SILVER
  • Spirit of Eden Spiced Cider, SILVER
  • Apfelgose Specialty Cider and Perry, BRONZE
  • Spirit of the Woods Spiced Cider, BRONZE

Shiny Apple Cider

  • Shiny Apple Cider with Pinot Noir Specialty Cider and Perry, GOLD
  • Shiny Apple Cider Modern Cider – Dry, SILVER
  • Shiny Apple Cider Perry Modern Perry, SILVER

Spirit Tree Estate Cidery

  • Draught Traditional Cider – Dry, BRONZE
  • Maple Scrumpy Specialty Cider and Perry, BRONZE

Sulker’s Cider

  • Hopped Up Afternoon Funk Specialty Cider and Perry, BRONZE

The County Cider Company

  • County Apple Cider Modern Cider – Dry, SILVER
  • Golden Russet Heritage Cider – Dry, SILVER
  • A Tortured Path Traditional Cider – Dry, BRONZE

The Great Canadian Cider Company

  • Not Too Sweet Modern Cider – Sweet, BRONZE

Thornbury Cider House

  • Thornbury Premium Cider Modern Cider – Sweet, GOLD
  • Thornbury Cranberry Apple Cider Fruit Cider, BRONZE
  • Thornbury Spiced Apple Cider Spiced Cider, BRONZE

Toboggan Brewing Co.

  • Rhubarb Cider � 1st in Class Fruit Cider, GOLD
  • Blackberry Cider Fruit Cider, SILVER
  • Toboggan Sweet Cider Modern Cider – Sweet, BRONZE

Twin Pines Orchards & Cider House

  • Hammer Bent Perry Modern Perry, SILVER
  • Hammer Bent Red Modern Cider – Sweet, SILVER
  • Twin Pines Orchards Ice Cider Ice Cider, SILVER
  • Hammer Bent Old World Heritage Cider – Dry, BRONZE
  • Hammer Bent Original Modern Cider – Dry, BRONZE
  • Rusty Prince Heritage Cider – Dry, BRONZE

West Avenue Cider

  • Bleuet Sauvage Specialty Cider and Perry, SILVER
  • Bohemian Raspberry Specialty Cider and Perry, SILVER
  • Gold Dust Heritage Cider – Dry, SILVER
  • Heritage Dry Heritage Cider – Sweet, SILVER
  • Legend of the Fall Sour Cider, SILVER
  • Barrett Fuller’s Secret Wood Aged Cider, BRONZE
  • Cherry Beach Specialty Cider and Perry, BRONZE
  • Heritage Gold Wood Aged Cider, BRONZE

Windswept Cider

  • Wild Pear Fruit Cider, SILVER
  • Crimson Beauty Modern Cider – Dry, BRONZE


to all the winners!

About the GLINTCAPs

The Great Lakes International Cider and Perry Competition, known as the GLINTCAPs happened on April 20-21, 2017 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Judges will be a combination of cider industry professionals, cider experts, sensory analysis experts, experienced BJCP and non-BJCP judges, and select members of the media.

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