Ontario Beers For Family Feasts

Whether you see these people once a year, all the time, or not enough, we’ve found 8 Ontario beers that will not only please, but totally embody every person at your dinner table this year. Plus, we’ve included some (somewhat cheeky) suggested pairings. Cheers to that!

THE BREW: Side Launch Dark Lager

THE PLACE: Collingwood, ON

Comforting, easy-going, and deep. This brew is like your favourite uncle, the one who loves to don a warm wooly sweater and gives the best bear hugs, bar none.

Pair it with: Your favourite blanket and dark chocolate with sea salt.

The BREW: Great Lakes Brewery Pompous *ss English Ale

THE PLACE: Toronto, ON

Sharp, hoppy, and most of all, polarizing.  You either love this person, or can barely stand to be in the same room as them. One sip is either too much or not enough. We think the latter!

Pair it with: A turkey dinner and delicious family gossip.

THE BREW: Amsterdam Big Wheel Deluxe Amber

THE PLACE: Toronto, ON

Big Wheel is even-tempered, patient, and a good listener.  Enjoy a pint alone or with company, free of judgement.

Pair it with: A fist full of caramel popcorn and a good book.


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THE BREW: Muskoka Kirby KA´┐Żlsch

THE PLACE: Bracebridge, ON

Crisp, light-hearted and unfiltered (literally and figuratively), this special someone brings a little sunshine to any gathering, even in the depths of winter.

Pair it with: impromptu dance parties and bourbon-glazed Ontario peaches.


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THE BREW: Creemore Springs urBock

THE PLACE: Creemore, ON

Like an old friend, you don’t realize how much you miss it until it’s gone for the season. Reuniting with this winter urBock just feels right, much like its roasty-toasty tasting notes.

Pair it with: gingerbread house decorating with your loved ones.


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THE BREW: Boshkung Brewing Co. Black Rock Dark Ale

THE PLACE: Haliburton, ON

The ever complex, strong and silent type. You may think you know what to expect, but you’ll probably get it wrong every time!

Pair it with: a book of expert level sudoku puzzles and bowl of peanuts.


Earl Grey Porter at the brewery today. Only by the glass. #guelph #craftbeer

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THE BREW: Royal City Earl Grey Porter


A little “out-there”, a bit misunderstood, but is totally worth getting to know. There’s a lot more to this pint/person than what’s on the surface, so don’t let others inform your opinion. (And is that incense we smell, or just the bergamot?)

Pair it with: a box of vanilla wafers and waxing poetic about life. 

THE BREW: The Second Wedge Elgin Blonde

THE PLACE: Uxbridge, ON

A surprising breath of fresh air that’s familiar but never boring. A small-talk expert, Elgin’s catch your attention and hold their own in the room, regardless of their surroundings.

Pair it with: great conversation and a slice of apple pie.

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