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Here at OCTA, we believe that Ontario’s identity comprises many narratives, and that food is inextricably linked to them all. The food we grow in our province underpins our history, our traditions, our cultures, and our relationships. Understanding our food culture–our pronounced seasons, our farmers, our producers–is essential to understanding who we are as a province, as a community.

For these reasons, culinary tourism in Ontario plays an essential role in telling our story, to locals and tourists alike. In recent years, demand has surged for culinary tourism as an industry, and as a result, many leaders have emerged in the field, with tours, festivals, and other experiences championing our food stories.

In order to honour the industry�s champions and to help provide them with the recognition they deserve, we created the Ontario Culinary Tourism Awards of Excellence. Through their steadfast leadership and unique experiences, the award winners and finalists set the bar for what culinary tourism in Ontario represents.

TasteRealTwo years ago, Taste-Real Guelph Wellington won the Culinary Tourism Leadership Award. Christina Mann, the Program Coordinator, felt that the award really helped to bring attention to the culinary tourism initiatives in her region:

“We were thrilled to receive the Ontario Culinary Tourism Leadership award in 2012. Local Food has deep roots in Guelph Wellington and we have come a long way connecting growers and consumers locally. The award really helped to put our region on the ?culinary� map, and highlights Guelph Wellington�s great farm and food experiences on an Ontario platform.”

NominationsA� for the 2014 Ontario Culinary Tourism Awards of Excellence are officially open and will remain open until midnight on June 30th, 2014.

They occur in three categories:

  1. Ontario Culinary Tourism Leadership Award
  2. Ontario Culinary Tourism Experience Award
  3. Ontario Culinary Tourism Event of the Year Award

If you know of any culinary tourism leaders or experiences that deserve an award, don�t hesitate to nominate them now!


For a look at criteria, judging information and last years winners, visit our Awards Headquarters!

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