Mix it up, try the Ontario duck!

DUCKSTOCK is coming up on June 12th – it’s a great time to indulge in some Ontario duck! Ontario is the land of a thousand lakes — and even more ducks. If you are brave and adventurous, you could go for a hunt, but in this day and age, there’s no need. It’s way easier to find Ontario duck than you might think. King Cole Ducks duck is available at most major grocery stores, good butcher shops and at farmers market across the province.
In Ontario, the breeds of duck you’ll find on store shelves is most likely Pekin duck or the Muscovy duck. The Pekins have tender mild-flavoured meat, so if you prefer a stronger taste and less fat, the Muscovy duck is the one for you! At King Cole Ducks, they’re redefining our current farm-to fork ideas. Yes, their ducks are locally-raised on all-vegetable grain, they run around in the grass all summer and come from just north of Toronto — but did you know that they’re a vertically integrated farm complex? That means they do all the research, development, breeding, hatching, growing, product development and processing on site. No middle men, all Ontario duck.
Duck is an excellent choice. It tastes amazing, and it’s super easy to cook.

Feeling hungry yet?

If you’d rather eat it than cook it, try the Ontario duck creations at these Feast On certified restaurants! Borealis Grille & BarIf you want to enjoy a nice evening with friends in a relaxed atmosphere, go to Borealis grille & bar! Try the King Cole duck leg, with braised red cabbage, honey roasted heirloom carrots, charred apple gastrique. Heirloom Food Truck: You’re in a hurry, but still want delicious food? Try Heirlooms Duck Poutine! It is made with King Cole Duck Confit, Homemade Gravy, Monforte Curds and Fresh Cut Fries. Vineland Estates WineryFeeling more like a wine and dine romantic date?  Vineland estates winery is the perfect place. Try their Lake Land Meat duck confit leg with bourbon sauerkraut, mustard spätzle, sunchoke purée, sunny egg and jus.

Do you want to learn more about the Ontario duck? Get your tickets for DUCKSTOCK right here. 

We’re heading up to the farm this June to learn all about what it takes to get duck from egg to plate, plus a little about butchering duck and preserving duck. Join us! DUCKSTOCK_facebook  

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