Meet Your Meat Maker!

VG Meats has been a family run business since the beginning. While things may have modernized in recent years, the business model remains the same: fully traceable, ethically raised beef on a sustainable scale.

Many companies throw around the word ?local? but can only claim that part of their business is truly local. At VG Meats, their products were born, raised, fed, processed and packaged in Ontario by the Van Groningen family & friends.

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They’ve now taken it a step further with their new ‘Meat Mentor’ APP. Created in partnership with Longo’s, the Meat Mentor is meant to make you more comfortable when choosing, cooking and eating beef.

How does it work? The Van Groningen’s have created a scientific system by which to test the tenderness of beef before it ever reaches the grocery store. The process involves stress testing the twelfth rib of the cow and recording the response. The results are then tracked through QR codes.

By scanning the QR code on a steak (or any other beef product from VG!) you get access to a ‘tenderness score’, as well as information on where that animal was raised, what it ate, and what to do with that specific cut. 

?In this day and age, it is important for customers to know where their beef comes from,? says Morgan Van Groningen, Marketing Manager, VG Farms. ?Our traceability program, is the best way to ensure the integrity of our beef as well as a delicious experience at home, every time.?

 All in all, it’s a pretty cool system that helps you choose a better piece of beef — something we can totally get behind!

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Other cool reasons to get to know VG Meats a little better? They do custom aging upon request at the Stoney Creek store, their farm is totally tour-able online via Google maps and the make UNREAL beef jerky. 

Download the Meat Mentor App free at The Apple Store, Google Play Store or Blackberry Marketplace.

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