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Meet Wendy Whitdall of Toast + Jam

Everyone knows that the best parties always end in the kitchen. With our series, Kitchen Party, we’re sitting down with Feast On Chefs, brewers and restaurateurs to get to know them, and the local foods that inspire them, a little better.


Wendy Whitdall

Toast + Jam

Kingston, ON

Favourite seasonal ingredient:

Rhubarb – it’s the first local produce available that we can make pies and other pastries with, and its arrival means spring is here. I like that it starts us thinking about all of the other fresh local things that will be on their way to our kitchen soon!

Drink of Choice:

Black tea or red wine.  Current favourite wine is Karlo Estate’s Triumvirate.

Most underrated ingredient:

Rhubarb again – it is so versatile for sweet or savoury items.  Fabulous for baking cakes and pastries that are not overly sweet and creating savoury dishes that have a fresh spring flavour.  And, when you get the ruby red stuff in, it makes the most beautiful pink syrup for summer drinks.  Plus… who couldn’t use a little more fibre in their diet?!

Favourite restaurant:

Bella Bistro – our family’s go-to spot for great local food in a laid back atmosphere.

Best part of working with Ontario food and drink:

The pride and personal satisfaction I get from knowing I am serving the very best quality food, while fulfilling our mandate to be environmentally conscious in everything we do.

Feast On is important to us because:

They help spread the word about the importance of eating local; help businesses like us connect with local suppliers we might not be aware of; and raise our business’s profile in the eyes of customers who are concerned with supporting environmentally sustainable businesses. Personally, it’s a great tool to plan where I am going to eat when I’m travelling outside of Kingston.

If I entered a competitive eating contest, I’d definitely win with_________?:

I’d definitely win with the perogies my mother used to make. They were filled with potato and sharp cheddar, and then smothered in onions that were sauteed in a half a pound of butter.

My perfect weekend in Kingston:

Weekends off don’t happen here, its more of a Tuesday/Wednesday thing for me. We tend to escape to the cottage  that’s just a short drive north of Kingston.  But if I did have a weekend free in Kingston, it would look like this:

Friday afternoon – stroll the trails at Lemoine Point Conservation area followed by dinner (always the fish special) at Bella Bistro.

Saturday – brunch at Toast & Jam followed by a stroll downtown along the waterfront and into the shops stopping into one of the great downtown coffee shops for a latte.  Then we’d have dinner at Olivea, followed by a concert or play at The Grand Theater.

Sunday – a trip to the Memorial Center Farmers Market for a coffee, and then yoga on the lawn.  Then we’d eat perogies(!) from Natasha’s, or a fresh-from-the-oven pizza from Pizza Monster for lunch. We’d finish up our outing with shopping for fresh produce to take home for dinner with my family. We’d all end the day by sitting on the deck with a slice of pie, a glass of wine and , me reading stories to my grand babies!